30 August 2010

You are not a threat

While reading a stay at home mom's blog - who also happens to be a conservative Christian who believes in the whole biblical marriage deal - I found something rather .. shall we say .. in need of some editting and research. She's talking to others like her, who "choose to train to become a homemaker" and "choose to live at home with your parents and serve your family until you become a wife and mother" and - most importantly - "live under the jurisdiction of your parents until you are given in marriage to a godly young man to whom you choose to submit" due to biblical teachings. "And you're a threat", she says, to the feminist movement. Her blog has quite a following as there are many, many responses to this post, all of them applauding her, agreeing with her. But I must say, I respectfully disagree.

I Breastfeed because I'm lazy

I am a lazy person by nature. Laundry piles up in three or four baskets before I finally decide it's time to do it. And even then, I take it to my parents' where I get dinner made for me (and Maeleigh - woohoo!) and go home with clean folded laundry that my dad did for me. When I was in high school and college, I rarely cleaned my room. It was just too much effort. I never even got a drivers' license because it's just too much trouble to learn how to parelle park, a requirement for the test in this state.