31 October 2010

Hate is a four-lettered word

There are few things in this ever shrinking world that manage to unite tens of thousands of people who are all angry at the same thing. Even Whitney Hillman - the highschool junior who kidnapped (chickennapped?) her chicken from her classroom and ran out the door and into an awaiting car all in an effort to save him from being slaughtered at school for means of a project - hasn't reached 2000 supporters yet.

13 October 2010

Breasts are for food, not sex

Although I have several blogs written in my head that I have yet to type out, I'm annoyed enough at the moment that I feel I must write this one out.

Everyday, it seems, there is a new story about a woman who has been harassed because she is breastfeeding her child in public. People gawk at her, managers tell her to leave, snide comments are made in her direction. It's rude and immature. Yet some loser celebrity always seems to sneak in a comment about how they find it gross. One of the annoying Kardashian whores comes to mind. (I don't remember which one. They're all the same. But this would be the one who posed for playboy and then made the comment via twitter that she was disgusted by a woman breastfeeding in a resturant next to her and that breastfeeding women need to learn some modesty. Because she's so modest. Right.)