27 February 2011

A Miscarriage Story

Let me start by saying that this is not my story to tell. I do not know this woman or her family, but I feel her story deserves a little more respect than the blog on which I found it. This woman, already a mother of two children, had a miscarriage. She decided to hold her baby and bond with it, as any mother would. Her older children met their younger sibling and essencially said their goodbyes. It may be troubling and it may be disturbing to some, but the fact remains that this is her family and this is how she chose to grieve.

13 February 2011

I hope you dance

I've writen this over and over and I still can't manage to put together the proper words to truly express how this all makes me feel. I don't even feel like I should be writing this, because these aren't my stories to tell. And it certainly is not my place to try to tell them. But still - part of me knows I have to write something. I have to put something out there. But I don't even know where to start. *sigh*

12 February 2011

Parents - the new inferior class of subhumans

We've all heard of gay bashing. Unfortunately it's something that happens all the time in the country and - as sad and wrong as it is - it's a part of life for many non-heterosexual people.

Thanks to "Sex and the City" we were introduced to "single bashing", where Carrie was asked to be an egg donor for a gay friend and his husband bc they wanted a child and she was single so it wasn't like she needed them. I guess she was supposed to feel awesome that they considered her to have a "topnotch egg"? They even handed her a business card. GAH! Standford takes the card from her - after Joe (the old friend) and Lou (his husband) leave - and tears it up, throwing it away. The voiceover says: "I had just experienced single bashing for the new millennium. I was no longer even considered a person. I was an egg farm."*